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The Rosales Sisters' Resident Artists

Artistas De Residencia

Collaborating with artists has been one of the most worthwhile things we've been able to do for our community. The Rosales Sisters' Scholarship wouldn't be possible without the tireless efforts of our contributing artists in residence.

Join us at any one of our events to catch this vibe. 

Belinda Eliva Cabrera, RSS Resident Vocalist
Belinda Eliva Cabrera, RSS Resident Vocalist

Eliva Belinda Cabrera

At six years old, vocalist and Central Coast native Elvia Belinda Cabrera started her singing career as a young child at the Salinas Rodeo as the special guest of Mariachi Cardenales. Her career has been formed by Estudiantina San Patricio, Mariachis, Trios, and solo performances across the country. Artists such as Javier Vargas, Eleazar Cortez, and Alvaro Gonzales have all mentored Eliva Belinda Cabrera. She has performed during the Spanish language heritage show Sabado Gigante and has been in love with the stage ever since. She joins the Rosales Sisters’ Scholarship community because, like the six daughters of Abel and Maria Rosales, she was also a first-generation Mexican American student attending Aptos High. If you also attended Aptos High in the 90’s you know her as “LV.”

Jaime Sánchez 

Jaime Sánchez was born and raised in Watsonville. His parents, Gomercindo and Esperanza Sánchez are from Manalisco and Mezcala, Jalisco, Mexico. Sánchez served as a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and received an undergraduate degree in visual and public art from California State University, Monterey Bay. He has been practicing art for 22 years; it is featured in and around several murals in the Pajaro Valley region and online at @jaimesanchezpresents.


DJ Jay Beezy

Over a decade ago, Jay Bee began carrying crates of records for his friends. As he helped them set up and break down events, he knew this was what he was meant to do and began to branch out on his own. Watching DJ battles, saving money, and slowly building his collection has brought him to a solid calendar of gigs and a resume that includes bay area radio stations like 96.5 KOIT, Z95.7, Power 92.7, and Q102.1.

Jay Bee quotes his style as being multifaceted. He is a party rocker that caters to crowds of all genres. His goal at any event is to see the people in attendance satisfied and having a good time. He loves playing songs that will take a group back, way back, and have them reminiscing through the night.

To Jay Bee, dj'ing is storytelling. A good mix will create a plot, build up the suspense, come in strong with the climax and finish with a smooth transition. He says, "At the end of the night, I want people to say, "That was the best story I've ever heard."

Musical versatility in Hip Hop, Top 40, Old School Hip Hop, R & B, Rock, Classic Rock, Electro, Club Hits, Reggae/Dancehall, Country

Events include:
Corporate events, lounges, bars, clubs, weddings, christenings, artist performances, private events.

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