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Our fundraising effort for 2021 was a huge success!

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Elizabeth, Adriana, Nancy, Veronica, Olga, and Christie appreciate your support in this effort. Donate today and help the graduating class of 2022!

Read our personal essays, interviews, and conversations here.

From The Students...

"As a first generation student who grew up in a family of six where money depends on the hands of my parents who pick and pack strawberries, I thank you. I thank you because it’s a struggle to reach academic success in a place where you have to pay to obtain education. I thank you because with your help I’m a step closer to reaching my everlasting dream of becoming a registered nurse. This dream has been a forever thing for as a kid I would pretend to be one with pencils as needles and tape as band aids but I think now it’s time for me to stop pretending to be a nurse and actually become one. Your contributions motivate me to keep persevering through my academic journey. I feel extremely honored and special to be receiving your help. I promise you I will not stop or give up until I reach my career goal. I hope you know that you are the reason why scholars are becoming successful members of the community as I will soon too, so thank you for that!"

Alondra Ortiz, Winner of the RS Scholarship and graduating class of 2021! 


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