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The Rosales Sisters' Scholarship

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Our Mission:

To empower first-generation and immigrant students by providing financial assistance, opportunities, and resources.

Read the Rosales Sisters' story here.


The Rosales Sisters' Scholarship began in 2019 by the six daughters of Abel and Maria Rosales: two immigrants from Zacatecas, Mexico. Abel and Maria raised their daughters to believe in hard work, family, and tradition. 


Abel, the eldest of sixteen siblings, and Maria, the eldest of thirteen, believed their six daughters' opportunities were endless because of their first-generation status. While Abel and Maria navigated their immigrant experience in Watsonville, California, they focused their efforts on understanding the American education system while also trying to understand their legal status, the politics of which were often in flux.

The Rosales Sisters understand that their road to college was made possible because of the tireless efforts of their parents, teachers, and high school counselors who insisted that college was attainable and also their right. 

Money. Money wasn't the only reason that getting to college was difficult for Abel and Maria's daughters, but it was significant. The Rosales Sisters' Scholarship looks to support first-generation or immigrant students with financial assistance because the lack of money not only impedes the road to college, but it creates the general idea that college isn't for you. The sisters recognize themselves as first-generation college students who struggled over $1k-$3k in extra fees and hidden costs. This is why the Rosales Sisters' Scholarship aims to support students financially. $1,000 can cover a student's first-semester cost of books or their first laptop. $2,000 can fund their first/last deposit on their room and board. $3,000 can help cover the FAFSA gap created when federal student loans do not cover the entire tuition owed. 


Join the Rosales Sisters in supporting first-generation or immigrant students who grew up as they did, with loving immigrant parents struggling with the nuances of being foreigners in the United States. 

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